A Sunday stroll

Cargills, Fort District
Cargills on a quiet Sunday

Colombo is a beautiful city. It is full of contrasts, physically and manmade, that make it. It’s Sunday afternoon and the weather is hot, sunny and unusually dry. Sundays are quiet in the city and are a good time to experience it without the hustle and bustle.

The route 190 Lanka Layland bus goes from my home in Borella to Pettah district on the coast. Here the streets are narrow, flanked by tall buildings and covered in bric-a-brac signage. All the roads are lined with little stalls that, when not Sunday, produce a  colourful, deafening din. But today it is quiet.

These streets, nestled between the Fort Railway station and Fort district, are a place where anything can be bought and bargained for. The dirt and crumbling facades contrast to the smart financial buildings and shops of Fort. They again reflect the contrast and balance at the heart of Colombo, neither district is less appealing than the other and both certainly have their own charm.


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