Development in central Sri Lanka

We set off at 4.30am to beat the Colombo traffic. The Director, his wife, SAPSRI’s driver and I were going to the centre of the island to visit community groups. SAPSRI – standing for South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka, the organisation I work with – has spent 25 years supporting the most marginalised communities through microfinance, community building, and gender empowerment schemes. We visited three villages during the day in the Mathale and Anuradhapura regions, where we were met by passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated people.

Mango seller
This lady sells mangoes in a little stall off a main tourist route north of Dambulla. She was given training in business management by SAPSRI.
These ladies have set up small businesses with the help of microfinance loans and training. Businesses include vegetable sellers and handicraft.
SAPSRI supported this group to build a community building as part of a temple complex on the rock outcrop.

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