All hail The Beast!

The Beast on the remote and windy beach in Kalpitiya Peninsula.

Five months and 10,000kms have passed since The Beast came on the scene. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a photographic celebration of this epic milestone.

The Beast, Giant, Dr Moz and I. The fine Indian-Japanese craftsmanship carried us into the hills with grace and comfort despite the slight size issues of one passenger in particular.
On the dusty road to Kataragama, sacred and worshipful city in the deep south east. Notice the tax-disc, cunningly displayed upside down to confuse traffic police…
Many ferocious creatures were passed in safety, courtesy of The Beast’s animal instincts and matter-of-fact approach to life.
The Beast was all elegance, poise and grace in this famous photoshoot for Vogue Magazine in the autumn of 1972.
Ergonomic and practical: The Beast’s small stature defies his ability to act like a pack-donkey should the need arise. And here, in Tangalle, it did.
The Beast’s indigenous roots and sensitivity to all ethnicities are apparant in the ease in which he mingled with the ancient warrior Veddah people of Sri Lanka.
Can you spot The Beast? There he is in the background, hunting with the Veddahs.
The Beast is as nimble andĀ balanced asĀ a pussy cat. Hairpin bends and steep descents are not a problem…
…Neither are monsoons and pot holes.
This friendly security guard insisted on being photographed with The Beast at Ulhitiya Reservoir, Maduru Oya National Park. It had nothing to do with Katherine being there, actually.
And here he is, smooth and shiny as a baby’s bottom, young and eager on arrival at his new home in Colombo 8 five months and 10,000kms ago…



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