Water festival in Maung Ma Kan

Having been at work in Yangon only a month, the country shut down for a week to celebrate Thingyan – the annual water festival – that brings in the Myanmar New Year. We were told to expect constant drenchings from dubious water sources, should we venture out, as the entire population got drunk, picked up a bucket, and took to the streets.

We reasoned that getting soaked in paradise seemed infinitely more appealing than in a crowded and dirty city, and took the opportunity to escape to Maung Ma Kan beach in the southern state of Tanintyari.

And so it was that we found ourselves buzzing through rolling tropical jungle on a scooter, along dusty roads, through small villages of bamboo huts on stilts, to unspoilt beaches and golden pagodas.

Oh, and getting drenched by bucket-wielding locals at impromptu roadblocks in every habitation we passed.

Here are some photos from the trip. Sadly none were taken of roadblocks and water stations, due to obvious hazards to the equipment…


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